Since their establishment, SportsArt has been a leader in the fitness equipment industry. Their commitment to producing top-quality, reliable fitness products, from their initial treadmill to the innovative ECO-POWR™ line, has made them a trusted name in commercial gym equipment.

At Xercise Fitness, our team of professional fitness equipment technicians are experts in servicing all types of SportsArt Fitness equipment, ensuring your commercial gym operates smoothly and efficiently.

SportsArt Fitness Commercial Treadmill Repair SportsArt Fitness treadmills are a staple in commercial gyms globally, thanks to their robust engineering and sleek design. We offer comprehensive services for all SportsArt Fitness treadmill models, including the Performance, Status, and ECO-POWR™ series. Learn more about our treadmill repair services here: TREADMILL REPAIR SERVICES

SportsArt Fitness Exercise Bike Repair SportsArt Fitness exercise bikes stand out in the industry for their superior performance. If you’re experiencing issues with your SportsArt Fitness exercise bike, our technicians specialize in the repair and maintenance of all models, including Upright Bikes – C510, C530, Recumbent Bikes – R510, R530, and Indoor Cycling Bike – C510. Discover more about our exercise bike repair services here: EXERCISE BIKE REPAIR SERVICES

SportsArt Fitness Strength Equipment Repair SportsArt Fitness offers a comprehensive line of strength training machines that our technicians are trained to repair and maintain. Some models we have worked on include the Performance, Status, and ECO-POWR™ series. Learn more about our strength equipment repair services here: STRENGTH EQUIPMENT REPAIR SERVICES

Maintaining Your SportsArt Fitness Equipment Regular cleaning and maintenance of your SportsArt Fitness equipment are crucial for their longevity. SportsArt Fitness recommends keeping an eye out for any loose parts and ensuring that the equipment is kept in a safe environment. Learn more about our preventive maintenance services here: PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICES

If you have a SportsArt Fitness equipment that is out of warranty and needs repair, we can diagnose and fix the problem. For machines still under warranty, check with our technicians to confirm they can assist.

We strive to find replacement parts, but it’s important to note that parts may be challenging to find, especially for older models. If it is cost-prohibitive to repair your older machine, we recommend investing in a new unit. Browse our selection of new SportsArt Fitness equipment here: SHOP SPORTSART FITNESS

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